Notable Cases:




Young v. United of Omaha (Mutual of Omaha), 2:15-cv-00120-JLQ,, February 25, 2016, (E.D. Wash. 2016), (Mutual of Omaha conducted surveillance of Ms. Young, following her through out the day and evening on foot and by car as she walked her dog, went to church and physical therapy.   The Court found that "the video does not demonstrate Ms. Young has the ability to work full-time in her regular occupation."  The Court did not find the opinion of Dr. Zoltani, the "independent" medical expert, credible after he changed his opinion with prompting and leading questions from Mutual of Omaha.) 



Smith v. Shari's Management Corp., et al., 2:15-cv-00323-TSZ, January 7, 2016, (federal court FMLA action alleging employer terminated Plaintiff's employment after denying Plaintiff leave to care for her mother who was dying from a brain tumor) (confidential settlement)


Dawson v. Colvin, No. C14-501-BJR-JPD, March 11, 2015 (claimant suffers from intellectual deficits; the federal court remanded the action based on the ALJ's improper evaluation of medical evidence)



Marion v. Colvin, No. C14-512-JLR-JPD, January 29, 2015  (SSA declines to pay full award to client with mental limitations) 



Lagois v. Colvin,  W.D.Wash., October 16, 2014 (No. C14-475-MJP-BAT) (degenerative disk disease, incontinence and sleep apnea)


Skaggs v. Colvin, No. C13-06057 RBL, W.D. Wash, July 25, 2014, (SSA concedes ALJ error involving claimant suffering from brain aneurysm and visual disturbances; proper remedy is de novo hearing on remand)


Hartmark v. Colvin, W.D. Wash, July 29, 2013) (No. C12-2000-RSL) (PTSD)


Lagois v. Astrue, 2012 WL 3887099, W.D.Wash., July 16, 2012 (NO. C11-1465-JCC-BAT) (degenerative disk disease, incontinence and sleep apnea)


Tyson v. Astrue, 2012 WL 2564842, W.D.Wash., June 28, 2012  (intellectual disability)


Cosgrove v. Astrue, 2012 WL 1161687, W.D.Wash., April 06, 2012 (No. C11-885-JLR)

 (traumatic brain injury, dementia)


Hanna v. Astrue, 2012 WL 966000, W.D.Wash., March 21, 2012 (No. C11-0863-JCC) (cerebral vascular disease)


Carroll v. Astrue,  2011 WL 5335563, W.D.Wash., Nov. 07, 2011 (No. 11-CV-05607 RJB) (constitutional due process)


Spytek v. Astrue, 2010 WL 3584549, at *5 (W.D. Wash. Aug. 12, 2010), adopted, 2010 WL 3584546 (W.D. Wash. Sept. 10, 2010) 


Carlstrom v. Hanline,  98 Wn. App. 780,  990 P.2d 986 (2000) (landlord/tenant wrongful eviction)


Helser v. Apfel, 185 F.3d 867, 1999 WL 395128 (C.A.9 (Wash.) (unpublished) (mental impairments)


Bowman v. Callahan, 124 F.3d 210 (9th Cir. 1997) (unpublished); Bowman v. Commissioner SSA, 2001 WL 215790, D. Or., February 23, 2001 (No. Civ. 99-1311-JO) (multiple sclerosis)

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